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Established in 1975, Lih Sheng Precision stands as a distinguished Metal Stamping Mechanism Factory. We offer comprehensive services ranging from design to direct sales, specializing in precision metal stamping production. Our vertically integrated approach encompasses every aspect, from mold design, manufacturing, stamping, to electroplating, making us a truly comprehensive Metal Stamping Mechanism Factory.

With decades of experience in the industry, Lih Sheng Precision excels in producing connector hardware, electronic product metal structures, and automotive components. Our commitment to excellence as a Metal Stamping Mechanism Factory has garnered us consistent praise from our clientele.

Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 16949, and Sony Green Partner certifications, we uphold the highest standards throughout our Metal Stamping Mechanism Factory's operations, ensuring quality from design conception to final delivery.

Driven by our values of innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction, Lih Sheng Precision continues to lead in the connector product domain as a premier Metal Stamping Mechanism Factory. We invite you to explore our offerings and collaborate with us for a prosperous future together.

OUR MANUFACTURING PROCESSOUR Metal Stamping Mechanism Factory's Manufacturing Process
Mold Design andManufacturing
In metal stamping, the pivotal stages of mold design and manufacturing profoundly influence the final product's shape and quality.
At our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to ensure excellence in these stages.Operating with cutting-edge machinery, we deliver efficiency and precision.
Our machinery lineup at our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory includes:
1. Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Machine: This equipment, essential in our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory, excels in the precise cutting of metal sheets.
Employing a thin, high-speed metal wire, it ensures impeccable precision and smoothness during the cutting process.
This technology enables us to achieve heightened accuracy and intricate details in mold creation, pivotal to our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory's operations.
2. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Equipment : CNC machines are integral to our mold manufacturing process at the Metal stampings Mechanism Factory.
They automatically control tool movements based on CAD designs, enabling high-precision cutting and processing.
This empowers our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory to craft molds of diverse complex shapes while maintaining unwavering consistency and precision across the end products.
3. Computer Inspection Equipment : At our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory, inspection stands as a cornerstone in mold manufacturing. Our advanced computer inspection equipment facilitates comprehensive testing and thorough checks on the molds produced, ensuring that mold dimensions and shapes align impeccably with specifications and eliminating any potential defects. Equipped with this advanced machinery, our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory is steadfast in delivering top-tier quality in metal stamping mold design and manufacturing.Our commitment to excellence at the Metal stampings Mechanism Factory translates into heightened production efficiency and uncompromising precision. We pledge to provide molds of exceptional quality, perfectly aligned with our customers' needs and expectations.
Manufacturing in Metal Stamping
We take pride in our efficient and precise metal stamping manufacturing processes.
Equipped with advanced machinery, we ensure top-notch hardware components for our esteemed clients.
Our manufacturing capabilities encompass :
1. High-Speed Punch Presses : Our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory boasts an array of high-speed punch presses tailored to diverse production needs, including :
These presses employ cutting-edge technology, enabling swift and accurate metal stamping across various materials and designs.
  • 40-ton Super High-Speed Punch Press
  • 60-ton High-Speed Punch Press
  • 45-ton High-Speed Punch Press
  • 25-ton High-Speed Punch Press
2. Vertical Punch Presses : At our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory, we utilize vertical punch presses specifically for larger and complex components, including :
These presses offer stability and precision for demanding applications.
  • 300-ton Vertical Punch Press
  • 160-ton Vertical Punch Press
1. Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine : At our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory, our capabilities extend beyond metal stamping to encompass vertical plastic injection molding. We provide holistic solutions for both metal and plastic components with our Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine.
2. Post-Stamping Cleaning Equipment :At our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory, to ensure pristine quality, we employ dedicated cleaning equipment after metal stamping.
This step removes debris and contaminants, upholding product excellence.

Throughout the process, stringent quality control is paramount at our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory. Our skilled professionals conduct inspections at every stage, guaranteeing that each hardware component aligns with specifications before packaging and delivery. Leveraging our diverse equipment and expertise, we assure efficient production, impeccable product performance, and punctual delivery for our valued clientele.

Quality Control
Quality control is a critical aspect of ensuring the consistency and reliability of products throughout the manufacturing process at our Metal stampings Mechanism Factory.
It involves monitoring and managing various elements to meet specific quality standards.
Here are some aspects related to quality control :
1. Purchased Materials : Quality control starts with the selection of raw materials.Careful inspection and evaluation of purchased materials ensure they meet the required quality criteria and are suitable for use in the production process.
2. Inventory Materials : Stored materials should be properly managed to prevent damage, contamination, or deterioration.
Regular inspections and proper storage conditions are essential to maintaining material quality.
3. Product Data during Production : Throughout the production process, product data is continuously monitored and recorded.
This includes measurements, tolerances, and other critical quality parameters to ensure the products meet the desired specifications.
4. Equipment Parameters during Production : The equipment used in the production process should be calibrated and maintained regularly.
Monitoring equipment parameters ensures consistent performance and accurate results.
5. Surface Cleaning of Semi-Finished Products : Semi-finished products mustundergo thorough cleaning to remove contaminants and
ensure product quality. Adequate cleaning methods are employed to maintain the desired cleanliness standards.
6. Packaging Design : The design of product packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring products remain protected and intact during
transportation and storage. Proper packaging design prevents product damage and maintains quality until the product reaches the consumer.
7. Compliance with Quality Standards : Quality control measures should align with relevant industry standards and certifications, such as ISO, to ensure products meet international quality benchmarks.
8. Testing and Inspection : Periodic testing and inspection of products at different stages of production are crucial to identifying defects and non-conformities early in the process. This allows for corrective actions to be taken promptly, reducing waste and improving product quality.
9. Corrective and Preventive Actions : In the event of non-conformities or quality issues, appropriate corrective and preventive actions should be implemented to address the root cause and prevent recurrence.
10. Continuous Improvement : Quality control is an ongoing process, and continuous improvement initiatives are essential to enhancing efficiency and product quality over time.

By implementing robust quality control measures across all stages of production, companies can ensure that their products consistently meet customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

All Types of Contact Pieces
Our offerings include a variety of contact pieces for different electronic and electrical devices.
Various Connector Housings and Terminals
We provide a wide range of connector housings and terminals to meet different product requirements.
Metal Components for Computer Port Devices
We produce precision metal components for computer port devices, ensuring stable connections and functionality.
Precision Stretched Components
We produce highly accurate stretched components for various industries and applications.
Precision Medical Device Stamping
We produce precision stamped components for medical devices, ensuring high quality and reliability.
Automobile Hardware Parts
At present, we continue to provide stamping parts to automobile assembly customers steadily.
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