DC Power Jacks

DC power jack

Discover high-quality DC power jacks and SMT-type DC power jacks by Lih Sheng Precision, designed for electronic devices like laptops and phones. Our reliable power jacks ensure your devices receive the necessary electrical power for proper functioning. Explore our range now.

A DC power jack is where we plug in the power cord for electronic devices like laptops and phones. This allows the device to function properly and receive the necessary electrical power. The shape and polarity of the jack need to match the device for correct use.

DC power jacks

Lih Sheng Precision is a leading provider of high-quality DC power jacks for a variety of applications. Our DC power jacks are made from the highest quality materials and construction, ensuring long-lasting performance. ...

DC power jacks SMT type

DC power jacks are connectors used to provide electrical power to electronic devices, commonly found in laptops, routers, and other gadgets, allowing them to be powered or charged.